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Currently looking for 2010 photos to post!

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Vegas was Hot!!!!!!

CCDW Reunion 2010 is over and fun was had by all who attended. The Orlean's Hotel was a few blocks off the main strip but even with free shuttles to the strip you hardly needed to leave as it had everything!

Let's give the Las Vegas Family Team a big

Thank You!

Ethel Saunders, Roosevelt & Jackie Saunders, Derek & Sandra Williams, Henry & Dorothy Pipins, Nicole Pryor Dermersesian, Carol Johnson, Bill Andrews, and Juanita "Toni" Hall

Next Reunion: Indianapolis, Indiana

You know they'll do a great job so let's give them all the support we can to make the 2012 reunion a success.

Business Meeting: Scholarship Fund Update

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Hospitality Suite

CCDW yearbook photo's (coming soon)

Saturday Night Bowling

Team Stamps!


Our league bowler was down with an injury - but we did OK!

Pool Party Luncheon

It was 110' in the shade -literally!

Sunday Worship & Family Choir

We have great singers in the family.


Banquet Dinner  

Nicole Pryor Dermersesian and The Soprano Sisters gave us some fabulous entertainment!


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