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Our forefathers had courage and foresight for their families. Their faith in God, their hard work, and persistent drive paved the way for generations to come. They taught us to have self-pride, love for the family, care and respect for others  and to give ourselves and our substance.


Mary Carson Andrews conceived the idea of having a family reunion in 1958. With the family’s consent, Mary made the necessary contact and arranged to have the very first one in her beautiful backyard and so the reunion became a reality. In the beginning family reunions were held in Detroit. The Detroit families included the Carsons, Andrews, Fultons, Tankstons, Benvenuttis, Lees, Trulys, Johnsons, Whites, Sarah Wilson McNeace, and Louise Wilson Brisco.


1960 thru 1968 Detroit, Michigan


1970     Winona , Mississippi. Host families: Reverend and Mrs. C. J. Carson, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Purnell and Family. It was in this year that Mrs. Thelma Bailey Carson felt that family worship should be a part of the family reunion celebration. This was the year the family journeyed from Winona, MS to Kosciusko, MS to worship at the First Baptist Church pastured by one of its own, Rev. C. J. “Buddy” Carson, Jr.


1972     Richmond, California. Host families: The Pippins and the Valleys.


1974     Detroit, Michigan


1976     Detroit Michigan


1978     Los Angeles, California. Host families: The Williams, Saunders, Pryors, the Johnsons, and Balls.


*1979    Chicago, Illinois. Salute to the Cosey Family. This joyous reunion closed the gap of many void years between some of the Cosey sisters, brothers and other family members. It was hosted by the eleven first cousins of Chicago; the Richardsons, Watsons, Simmons, Whites, Mitchells, and Websters.


1980     Detroit, Michigan. Host families: the Mississippians and Michiganians.


1982     Newport News, Virginia. Host families: Christella Brown and Narva Lee Jackson (the Dememts)


1984     Indianapolis, Indiana. Host families: the Johnsons, Whites, and Bowmans.


1986     Detroit, Michigan. “The Spirit of Detroit” This was the first time a theme was used – setting a wonderful pattern for reunions to come.


1988     Boston, Massachusetts. “The Spirit of Massachusetts” Host families: The Stamps, Watsons, Coseys, Clarks, and Thomases.


1990     Los Angeles, California. “California Dreaming” Through the dreams of our California relatives combined with their Hollywood creativity, our first professional video was produced, entitled “We Are Family”


1992     Detroit, Michigan. “Motown Revue” featuring the families top artist portraying Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, etc. The reunion ended with a pleasurable Riverboat Cruise along the Detroit River.


1994     Chicago, Illinois. “The Windy City Classic” The family was entertained by a little do-se-do and family members got a chance to try their luck at taking home some big bucks. Host families: The Leonards, McGills, Simmons, Smiths, Stephens, and Waltsons.


1996    Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “A Bayou Affair” Family members journeyed to the Bayou State to experience a reunion with a little carnival (Mari Gras) flair; enjoyed the cuisine and Laissez Les Bons Temp Rouler. Host families: The Lattimores, Carsons, Bibbs and Ms. Leveda Parnell.


1998    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “The Meeting Place” On foreign land and in a world class city, family members gathered to reminisce and to celebrate the wedding of Nina Carson to Arlington Hicks. “My, how we have grown from a mere backyard setting to rental halls, five star hotels and world class cities”. Host Families: Detroit families


2000    Denver, Colorado. “A Family Affair in the Rockies” Denver is “The Mile High City” where it’s 5,280 feet above sea level, the great showman Buffalo Bill is buried and home to the Broncos football team. Denver is a site for one of the government’s money mints. Denver also has a three term African American mayor, Mr. Wellington Webb. Host family: Byron, Shirley, Bryce and Elana Perry


2002     Indianapolis, Indiana. “A United Family Affair” The family gathered in the “Circle City” and was treated to a tour of Indianapolis. The Tour included the Madam C.J. Walker Center, Indianapolis Museums, the Governors Mansion, the Canal and a trip to the world famous Indianapolis 500 Race Track. Host families: The Bowmans, Johnsons and Whites.


2004     Arlington Heights, Illinois. “Bridging the Gap, Treasuring our Past…Embracing our Future” Family members from the north, south, east and west gathered in the “Windy City”. We were delighted to meet first-timers from Texas, Arizona and Arkansas. The picnic was held on the hotel grounds in a relaxed atmosphere of an outdoor pavilion, “unique”. The reunion ended with an enjoyable trip to Chicago’s Navy Pier. Host Families Chicago/Gary families


2006     Boston, Massachusetts. “Back in the Bean” ….and were we ever, it was non-stop action! The family enjoyed all that Boston and the surrounding area had to offer including the Foxwood's Casio Complex in Connecticut and a visit to Martha's Vineyard (where President's Vacation) off the coast of Cape Cod. The beginning of the Sunday activities was a bit different, instead of the usual Sunday morning worship and afternoon banquet, we experienced an all inclusive "Gospel Brunch"... way to go Boston! Host Family: The Stamps


2008    Detroit, Michigan. "Back to Where it All Began"  The old tree still stands and its roots run deep.  Though a few leaves have fallen, our reunion breathed new life.  From the pizza party on Friday to the teenage scavenger hunt to the downtown Detroit experience, where a few family members tried their luck, to family worship and spiritual feasts, where several came forward accepting salvation (What a glorious moment that was!) to the comedy and karaoke night, where we learned what a funny and talented family we are.  The reunion ended with a “day trip” to the world famous Greenfield Village


2010     Las Vegas, Nevada. "A Full House"



2012     Indianapolis, Indiana